What Is Marketing Automation and how it can help

There are constantly new subjects and hot topics to be explored in marketing. At the moment, the hottest one is marketing automation. This is because marketing automation is becoming more and more popular each year, and many new marketers and businesses alike are trying to learn what it is and how it can help.

However, a lot of people are also very skeptical about marketing automation because of the current hype around it. But all of this commotion is not for nothing. If you look back, you will remember that content marketing and social media were also a hot topic once, and now everyone is doing these things because they matter.

What is marketing automation?

What is marketing automation

There are various definitions of what marketing automation is, so let’s try to keep it short and simple. This is the practice of streamlining all of your marketing tasks through a single software solution designed specifically for marketing automation. The whole marketing campaign is created, managed, and executed within the software, while repetitive and manual tasks are automated.

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With marketing automation, businesses can engage leads correctly, at the right time, and in a scalable way. On top of that, it provides reliable reporting which gives actionable data. In this case, the hype is justified and that’s why everyone is getting on board with marketing automation.

How marketing automation can be used

Now that we’ve explained what marketing automation is, let’s see how businesses can use it. There are three most noticeable ways of utilizing it:

  1. Automating workflows: as the name implies, automation is at the core of this discipline and it can help with various internal processes such as creating budgets, managing assets, managing calendars, scheduling actions etc.
  2. Lead management: after an initial marketing campaign, the data gathered on a regular basis can help businesses recognize leads which have just entered the awareness stage, and those who are ready to make a purchase. It can help sort leads by their interest, intent, behavior, and previous actions through automated data collection from content marketing, social media, emails and other digital efforts.
  3. Gathering valuable marketing intelligence: marketing automation allows companies to control their marketing results and track the behavior of their consumers and how their efforts affect them. When they understand their customers better, they can provide them with better products and services.

Marketing automation benefits

Marketing automation benefits

There are many different benefits of marketing automation, but in a nutshell, it comes down to these major ones:

Increased productivity

Given the fact that a lot of manual tasks get automated, they are finished more quickly. Additionally, marketers have more time and energy to focus on more essential tasks.

Customer retention

Generating leads and converting them to customers is one thing, but it’s far more difficult to retain customers and make them buy something from you over and over again. With valuable intelligence that automation can provide, businesses can achieve this easily.

Better tracking and reporting

Since all the data about your actions and customers goes through a single platform, it’s easy to insert it in a reporting tool and get quality reports for your marketing actions.

Fewer mistakes

Automation means fewer human errors.

Keeping up with the schedules

With automated tasks and notification features, you will always stay on top of your schedule and meet marketing deadlines.

Today you’ve learned what marketing automation is and what its benefits are. Make sure to find a good marketing automation software as soon as possible, as businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from these software solutions.

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